Paloma Picasso, in an interview for the September edition of Vogue (have we mentioned already that we were featured in Vogue? Yes? OK, moving on then...) advises "Always keep a couple of pairs of earrings in your bag in case you suddenly need to give your outfit a lift." Genius!

As every woman knows, handbags were designed to store and transport those "you never know" and "just in case" items - safety pins, a bent paperclip for emergency manicures, plasters, aspirin, tissues, Vaseline (or if you're really posh - Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream)..., so why not add a couple of shoulder grazers to the collection? A pair of statement earrings (and this season is all about statement earrings dahling!) can transform an outfit instantly whether it's some XL hoops a lá Jennifer Lopez, or some elaborate door knockers a lá Beyonce!

Here are just a few of our suggestions for those unexpected instant glamour emergencies:

Items shown: Butler & Wilson Marcasite Earrings, Ashiana Gold Plated Hammered Earrings, Kendra Scott Danielle Green Onyx Earrings, Evelyn Knight Amethyst Chandelier Earrings