Summer is coming and that means the right to bare arms! So it's time to adorn those limbs that have been kept under wraps all winter and there's no better way than to get stacking! It's a trend that's here to stay and the simplest way to put your unique stamp on an outfit.

There is no right way of doing it - it's all about you expressing your own individuality! Below are some ideas and tips to help you along the way:
1.Don’t be afraid to stack on both arms or limit the amount of bracelets you wear.
2. Keep the rest of your jewellery to a minimum to give the look maximum effect.
3. Use a chunkier cuff or bangle as the centre point of the stack. Mixing widths makes the look more interesting and acts as an anchor for the other thinner bracelets.
4. A variety of contrasting colours looks great with a simple vest top and jeans or summer dress.
5. Mix in charity bracelets or friendship bracelets that have a special meaning to you.
6. For an edgy look, mix metal bangles with leather wrap bracelets.
7. Go boho with a mix of coloured cord bracelets and thin bangles. However, be careful not to wear too many with loose tie ends or this look can look messy
8. Go glam with a mixture of gold and crystal bracelets. This look was big this year's Golden Globes and Oscar's.
9. Trial and error. Try out different textures and colours and see for yourself which looks best. This trend doesn't take itself seriously, so have fun and get stacking!

 Here are just some of our stacking favourites:


Bracelets shown: Top row (L-R) Bee Charming Grey Leather Bracelets, Dogeared Silver Karma Bracelet, Daisy Waikiki Friendship Bracelet, Daisy Double Heart Good Karma Bracelet

Bottom row (L-R) Vita Fede Veronica Leather Bracelet, Lola Rose Tilda Coral Quartzite Bracelet, Dogeared Not to Worry Bracelet, Dogeared Infinite Love Bracelet.