Dogeared was founded upon the idea that jewellery can be made and worn in such a way that it spreads positive energy into the world. So it was a natural progression that they have gone on to develop a collection that captured the essence of this energy and the positive power it can have on an individual. We are therefore delighted to introduce the new Dogeared Chakra Collection! In life, in order to achieve the happiness and serenity we strive for, we need to have our minds and bodies in balance. According to ancient beliefs, the key to connecting mind and body lies in the 7 primary points of energy… Chakras. When these Chakras, each with symbolic, corresponding colors which run along the length of the spine, are enabled to work harmoniously, our bodies become healthier, clearer and more vital. Chakra work helps to open any of your energy centers that are keeping you from achieving optimal health and enlightenment. It is said that by clearing any blocks associated with a particular chakra point, optimal health and enlightenment will be achieved.

Dogeared Chakra necklaces are designed to bring balance to those who wear them by choosing the corresponding the necklace corresponding to the Chakra which needs to be strengthened. Dogeared's message is "Live life fearlessly and wear your chakra daily as a reminder of your life’s journey". Hmmm so which Chakra will it be?