We were absolutely delighted when our first Catherine Weitzman delivery arrived, having had an eye on our collection for quite some time, and having met the designer herself and seen her beautifully delicate jewellery for the first time in New York. Catherine has always had a deep love of jewellery and worked under several US designers after completing her study of jewellery making and metal-smithing.  However, it was her five-year adventure around the globe that would inspire her to start her signature line of handmade jewelry.

In 2004, Catherine moved to Hawaii and built a studio where all the jewellery is still handmade today. The Hawaiian influence factors hugely in how she runs her business, through the use of found objects, recycled metals and responsible suppliers.  The delicate pieces capture the true essence of Hawaiian life with beautiful starfish, birds, feathers, and branches featuring heavily in the collection, enhanced with tiny semi-precious stones such as aquamarine, apatite, rubies, and sapphires.

Catherine Weitzman jewellery makes the perfect gift for the woman who likes her jewellery beautifully detailed and understated. View the Catherine Weitzman collection here


Catherine Weitzman Jewellery at Aquaruby