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Butler & Wilson had its humble beginnings on a market stall on the King's Road when two young friends Nicky Butler and Simon Wilson first began selling antique jewellery from their stand. Forty years on, with Simon still at the helm, the stunning designs of Butler & Wilson can be found at the flagship store on the Fulham Road in London, in London's West End, and several concessions throughout the world.

Over the years, stars such as Jerry Hall, Catherine Deneuve, Faye Dunaway and most famously Princess Diana have adorned themselves with the elaborate creations of Butler & Wilson. A collection for Armani, as well as for the infamous Pirelli calender have meant that the brand has stayed in the public eye. With its position as the glamour go-to brand for photo shoots, as well as endorsement from celebrities such as Madonna and Kylie Minogue, the brand has maintained a powerful following among today's glamour seeking generation as can be confirmed by a visit to either of their London stores.

Meeting Simon Wilson, it is evident why the brand has survived for over 40 years. His youthful appearance, despite having reached the age of retirement , coupled with his energy and enthusiasm show no signs of relenting, insuring that we have decades of unadulterated glamour to look forward to. "From the very beginning we never did subtle" says Wilson. So why should we?

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Here is a short video homage to Butler & Wilson. Hope you enjoy it!